Sunday, September 13, 2009

The New York Times Book Review of The Lost Symbol -- Online Now!

Janet Maslin, one of the book reviewers for the daily (Monday through Saturday) edition of The New York Times, has just posted her review of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. Although her review will appear on page C1 (the first page of the Arts section) of tomorrow's (Monday's) print edition, you can read the article online on the website of the Times, here.

Maslin's piece is not the very first book review published in the world; that particular honor belongs to May Grethe Lerum in the Norwegian paper VG, as I mentioned in an earlier post. However, Maslin's review has many pleasures to enjoy -- not the least of which is that Maslin, who has several books to her credit, is a writer's writer, and a dream to read.


And, if this entices you to read the print edition of The New York Times -- one of the finest newspapers on the planet -- well, that would be just fine, too.

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