Sunday, September 13, 2009

The New York Post Interviews Mark Koltko-Rivera About Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by telephone by Ms. Annie Karni of the New York Post (a major newspaper in New York City founded in the early 19th century by Alexander Hamilton, an American Founding Father and the subject of Clue #36). The article recounting the interview appears on page 3 of today's (Sunday, September 13) edition of the Post. The online version of the article (somewhat edited from the print version) appears here.

Much of the article involves my predictions regarding the kinds of conspiracies and other elements that I think will appear in Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. Those who have read this blog over the last two months will recognize my references to many of the Doubleday clues that I have discussed in the blog.



  1. haha, cool article :)

    Only 2 days to go....I've been desperatly trying to avoid spoilers by people that may have access to the book!!

  2. Hi, Brett,

    Well, you won't read any spoilers from me (not that I have any to give). However, you will read some terrific background regarding the Prologue -- now online at the Parade magazine site -- in just a few moments! Good to see you here.


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