Thursday, August 6, 2009

Welcome to Version 2.0 of the "Key to The Lost Symbol Clues" Blog!

After a couple of weeks filing posts on this blog regarding the Twitter clues about The Lost Symbol, on July 13 I removed all the posts. I did this because it had come to my attention that, essentially, I was doing the research work of other writers who were developing books regarding The Lost Symbol. However, at this point, I think I have more to gain by building this platform for my work than I have to lose by sharing it.

In order to protect my own contributions for future publication, I will not comment on every clue. Rather, every day or two, I will comment on a clue that is particularly intriguing, from among the clues that have been posted in the preceding 24 to 48 hours. In addition, I have reposted some of my previous responses to some clues. (Please note: links to posts that have not been reposted will not work.)

I am glad to be returning to this blog. I very much enjoyed the give-and-take of the comments, and the opportunity to be part of the public community commenting on the Twitter clues.

I invite new readers to take a look at my earlier posts, perhaps especially including the "Welcome" post and the orientation to Freemasonry. You may gain access to earlier posts through the "Blog Archive" to the right.


  1. Welcome back Mark!! I've missed this blog!!!

  2. Welcome back! Your insights, logic and research have been sorely missed.

    You have probably noticed that Dan Brown's page has been hijacked by another writer's blatant self-promotion. There isn't anything wrong with other's who have works related to chime in occasionally, but this one seems to be obsessed. He really should just post a link to his own page (as you do) where he can continue his conversation instead of spamming the DB page. What he does is just wrong and rude—and a bit creepy.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant. It's really good to see you back on the air. I'm really interested to see your thoughts on a few tweets and FB clues that do not seem to have satisfying answers posted.

  3. Hello sir! Welcome back to the fray.

  4. Hey, everybody: Thank you for your kind comments. It's good to be back. I'll do my best to live up to your high expectations.

    Anonymous: Which particular tweets and FB clues would you like me to address? Everybody: Yes, I do take requests.

  5. Greetings Mark.
    I don't know about Anonymous, but here are a few of my ambiguous Tweets/FB clues:

    "Mystery" photos, it's a separate "album" with 2 pics - the Tower-formerly-known-as the-Sears in Chicago, and a girl upside down. (I think we came to a consensus at "Tower of Silence" a la Zoroastrianism), but I kept running into a specific one in Baku, Azerbaijan. See:

    And this one:
    I found references to Wm. Lynch and his obsession with proving the biblical account of Sodom & Gomorrah and it's destruction by "fire & brimstone" is literal.


  6. UDbmas: I/we did a little work on the Sears Tower/upside down shhhhing woman clue. Mark is going to post a formal, more complete response above. However, I offer the following in the interim.

    The surface level solution of "Tower of Silence" feels right. Per Mark, the two pictures is a "Rebus," the pictures form the words--> Tower + Silence = Tower of Silence.

    Taking it to the next level, a connection to the Lost Symbol was needed. The various stories about maidens sacrificing themselves because they were distraught over the assumed loss of a lover; or in order to escape incest, were very interesting, however, but they provided no Lost Symbol connection that we could determine.

    Mark made the connection between the Sears Tower being the tallest structure in the world when it was built, as was the Washinton Monument when it was built. Hence, we think that the Sears Tower points to the Washington Monument in D.C.

    Something significant is going to happen at the Washington Monument, and based on the Tower of Silence portion of the clue, its not going to be pretty. We guess that someone will die, or esape near death, at the Washington Monument. Maybe a woman.

    Perhaps there will be an elevator accident??? I was impressed to search "Sears Tower construction deaths." There is an unsubstantiated urban legend that states that near the end of the construction of the Sears Tower, a supervisor tested the elevator to see if the auto-brake on the elevator would work.

    The supervisor ran the elevatora all the way to the top, some 1,100 feet, and then let the elevator car free-fall. Allegedly, no one on the ground checked to confirm if the elevator car was empty before sending it up. When the door to the elevator car door was opened, they found dead bodies inside--killed by the fall itself, or the sheer terror of the fall. Again, this is a completely unsubstantiated urban legend -- but that might not stop Mr. Brown from using something like a free-falling elevator in the Washinton Monument.

    Whether they die, or almost die--it appears that there will be a tense moment or two at the Washington Monument.

    What are your thoughts???

    We'll work on the other clue that you asked about tomorrow.

    Be well! Kathleen

  7. I have an alternative theory to throw into the pot--just to keep it boiling.

    Dan Brown has remarked on certain gestures in paintings. Remembering that Leonardo painted the famous gesture of St. John pointing to heaven, the girl may be pointing to hell. She might even be saying, "This tower's going to go to hell," or "This tower will fall."

    But further, this could be all about the alleged 2006 plot to blow up the Sears Tower by a bunch of boobs in Miami (abetted by the FBI). Early CNN reports mentioned that they were part of a "Masonic" lodge and a conspiracy theory was born . . . and won't die. You can find it around the Web. "Did ya hear, Masons want to blow up Sears Tower!"

    However, the truth is that they were members of a Moorish Science Temple, not Freemasons at all. The plotters had no explosives and never got near the Sears Tower, but that's how their plan was characterized when the FBI announced the arrests.

  8. Another possibility is Tower of Babel since the shushing girl is upside down thus indicating the opposite of silence. Also the tower has a huge number of broadcasting antennae atop it.

  9. I saw on the club conspiracy forum that the freemasons plotted to blow up sears this true?

  10. Freemasons had nothing to do with the alleged plot to destroy the Sears Tower. There is an indirect association with the Temple of Moorish Science. See: i.e.

  11. ahh thanks Deetective.

    would it be something that Dan Brown might talk about though? if he is going to be slating the Freemasons in the book he might add that. Does anybody know the actual name of the peice of art in the sears tower clue?

  12. Brett, I dont think Brown's research is so amateur as to be taken in by club conspiracy disinfo, but he might mention how freemasonry is falsely slurred like that.

  13. i understand that, but as the majority of the general public will beleive anything, it could be easy for dan brown to play with. i was just throwing in some possible plots and theories that could be in the story :)

  14. I'm the behind the scenes research person (until my doctoral classes begin in a month) so I'l let Mark pick up the formal clue solution from here. However, I would like to say what is pleasure it is to see a chain of logical, SANE comments, pertinent to the topic of the Doubleday clues, and Dan Brown novel. Thank you all! KSKR


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